I’d never had a facial before seeing Jaclyn, and after our first appointment together I knew I was hooked for good! She was very educated with the products she used and the advice she gave. She always made me feel really comfortable and confident with my skin. My experiences were always very relaxing, soothing, and comforting. I trust Jaclyn more than any other expert because it was obvious she loved her career and would do everything in her power to improve my skin; and that’s exactly what my skin did. After every facial I had, my skin felt smooth, hydrated and amazing! I can’t thank Jaclyn enough for making my skin as beautiful as it has become. In addition to the facials, Jaclyn also helped me achieve the perfect eyebrows for my face. I started to receive compliments after I started seeing Jaclyn which made me feel great! I would recommend this extraordinary woman to anyone seeking beautiful skin or just a great service and experience in itself!